The First Part —


mission pageTHE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION was founded upon principles, which endure today, and will serve well all who belong or may belong in the future including, among others: A solemn remembrance of Canadians who gave their lives so that our nation might be free. Loyalty to the sovereign and to Canada. Safeguarding the rights and interests of the disabled, the widows or widowers and dependants and all who served. Maintaining our right to encourage our people and nation to every reasonable support to peace at home and throughout the world. Maintaining in and for Canada the rule of law, encouraging the national and united spirit, ordered government and striving for peace, goodwill and friendship between Canadians and among all nations. Advocating the maintenance in and by Canada of adequate defences. Retaining the spirit of comradeship forged in wartime and nurtured in peacetime to the benefit of the history and unity of the nation.

AND WHEREAS throughout the history of the Legion certain values have endured to the benefit of the veteran segment, the Ladies Auxiliary and their chosen successors, all to the credit and benefit of the Canadian community.

AND WHEREAS it is the recognized duty of each segment, the one to the other, to perpetuate The Royal Canadian Legion and its principles, facilities and programs for the general welfare of our nation now and in the future.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, for ourselves and representative of our segment of The Royal Canadian Legion, covenant and renew our obligations to each other and to the nation and do solemnly declare:


THAT THOSE WHO DIED in the service of the nation will always be remembered together with their widows and widowers. We will remember them.

THAT REMEMBRANCE DAY shall remain and be reverently observed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of each year by us and our successors. Lest We Forget.

THAT THE SACRIFICE made by so many shall not be in vain and we shall strive to maintain unity in our nation, together with our constant endeavour to promote and maintain peace, goodwill, and friendship within our country and throughout the world, so that all citizens may be worthy of the sacrifice they made.


THAT THOSE WHO SURVIVE and need our aid may be assured of reasonable and adequate assistance.


THAT WE MAINTAIN OUR LOYALTY to the reigning sovereign and to Canada and its people to stand for ordered government in Canada and decline membership or to discontinue any membership to anyone who is a member of or affiliated with any group, party or sect whose interests conflict with the avowed purposes of The Royal Canadian Legion or support any organization advocating the overthrow by force of organized government in Canada or which encourages or participates in subversive activity or propaganda.



THAT OUR ORIGINAL BASIS of common service and sacrifice expressed in comradeship shall survive among us and our community so that the ideals for which so many laid down their lives will be fulfilled.


THAT THE ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION remain strong and united. That those who served or are serving or have served in the armed forces of our country together with their widows or widowers and dependants and such others as from time to time are admitted and subscribe and continue to subscribe to our purposes and objects, shall be encouraged to belong provided always that we shall remain democratic and non sectarian and not affiliated to or connected directly or indirectly with any political party or organization.

THAT SO LONG AS veterans remain, or their widows or widowers, that they shall be fully and adequately represented in all the councils of The Royal Canadian Legion. Future ex-service persons shall enjoy the same privileges in perpetuity.


THE POPPY is our emblem of supreme sacrifice and must forever hold an honoured place in our hearts and image immortalizing as it does our remembrance and honouring of those who laid down their lives for ideals which they, we and all Canadians rightfully cherish. It shall challenge us to serve in peace, as in war, to help those who need our help, and to protect those who need and deserve our protection. The cross of sacrifice, on appropriate occasions, is symbolic of the same worthy principles of remembrance.

THE TORCH shall remain symbolic of justice, honour and freedom throughout our land. These were the principles for which our comrades fought and died. We of today and tomorrow covenant to hold it high lest we break faith with those who died. Justice, honour and freedom are our charge for now and forever. We serve best by fostering these principles in ourselves, our children and their children so long as The Royal Canadian Legion shall survive.

OUR BADGE is symbolic of our loyalty to our sovereign, our support to our nation in our worthy citizenship and our remembrance for our fallen comrades and fellow Canadians of like principles.

OUR FLAG, being the Canadian Flag, is representative of our nation both at home and abroad. We will uphold it ourselves and forever teach respect for it by our successors, within and without the Legion. At the same time, we will remember our historical association with the Union Jack and the Red Ensign.

— The Second Part —

OUR SUCCESSORS shall themselves learn and pass to their successors these principles including, when necessary, our best services in times of great need, our unique strengths to our family and community, and the worthiness of remembering their contributions in their continuing time.

— The Third Part —

WE, INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY, guarantee we will be true to these principles and, subject only to the limits prescribed by democratic law, teach and hand down them to our continuous successors without reduction but with enhanced