Veterans Outreach Program

The Programs’ mission is to provide enrichment to Veterans lives through connection to recovery oriented care, programming, social services and peer support.

By fostering and forming mutually supportive partnerships with established community resources, health care professionals, all levels of government and like-minded individuals The Veterans Outreach Program offers “A Hand Up.”

Supported financially through NS/NU Command Legion Branch Poppy Trust Funds, NS/NU Command Legion Benevolent Fund and general funds within the organization, support has been extended through programs such as the Veterans Transition Network, Porchlight, Trauma Relapse Prevention programs, Paws Fur Thought, Operational Stress Injury Social Support Peer and Family programs, Rally Point Retreat, Heroes Mending on the Fly, Mental Health First Aid, the Veteran Farm Project, Operation Vet Build, Buddy Check Coffee Groups as well as full participation and representation in the RCL OSI Special Section.

If you would like to learn more about NS/NU Command Veterans Outreach programs please contact Executive Director Craig Hood or 902-429-4090 ext. 4