The Royal Canadian Legion in Nova Scotia began with the GWVA (Great War Veterans Association) early in 1925. With the union of the various Veterans organizations, on July 17, 1926 Nova Scotia Command of the GWVA became Nova Scotia Command of the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League.During WWII, the Command made arrangements at the docks in Halifax to personally ensure that all personnel departing for overseas were seen aboard ship with a Color Party, and all those returning were welcomed home. Nova Scotia Command was unquestionably the busiest Command, by far, in Canada during the war years.

In 2000, then Dominion President Chuck Murphy, approached Nova Scotia Command with a request that the Command consider a request from the independent Branches in Nunavut Territory to join with Nova Scotia Command. During the Command biennial convention held in May 2001 a vote was taken and a unanimous decision was arrived at, thus combining Nova Scotia Command with Nunavut Territory to become Nova Scotia / Nunavut Command.

Nova Scotia / Nunavut Command presently consists of 7 Districts which are divided into 14 Zones, incorporating 102 Branches. The Command headquarters, built in 2004, is located at 61 Gloria McCluskey Blvd. in Burnside Business Park.