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Fall 2015
Vol 27 #4
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Spring/Summer 2015
Vol 27 #2
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Winter 2015
Volume 27 #1

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Fall 2014
Volume 26 #4

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Summer 2014
Volume 26 #3

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Spring 2014
Volume 26 #2

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Winter 2014
Vol 26 #1

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Fall 2013
Vol 25 #3

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Summer 2013
Vol 25 #2
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Spring 2013
Vol 25 #1

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Summer 2012
Vol 24 #3

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Winter 2012
Vol 24 #1

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Summer 2011
Vol 23 #3

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Spring 2011
Vol 23 #2

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Winter 2011
Vol 23 #1

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Fall 2010
Vol 22 #4

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Summer 2010
Vol 22 #3

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Spring 2010
Vol 22 #2

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Winter 2010
Vol 22 #1

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Fall 2009
Vol 21 #4


Guidelines For Submissions to The Torch

So, you’ve just been appointed Public Relations Officer (PRO) for your branch and have been requested to send some news to The Torch, and you’re not quite sure where to start. Start by asking your committee chair-people, your executive and membership. Ask them to help by keeping you informed of events in which they are involved.

Things to Think About

For example: Projects for seniors, sponsorship of cadets and other youth groups, bursary awards, donations to community groups or charities, results of branch or L.A. elections. Perhaps plans for fund-raising or building renovations or additions, entertainment of veterans in hospitals or at your branch, decoration of war graves, monuments, membership campaigns, parades, poppy campaigns, honours and awards night, sports tournaments, or a multitude of other activities that let people know what work your branch is involved in and what your members are doing. Tell us about your long serving members, your veterans and their experiences.

Putting the News Together

Begin your story or your photo caption with what journalists call a “Five-W-Lead”. That is to say, you should try to answer five questions in your caption or opening paragraph so you can capsulize what is to follow. The questions are: 1 – who, 2 – what, 3 – when, 4 – where, 5 – why. This 5 W system can be applied to any story you may wish to submit.

For example, your branch elections: Comrade John Doe (the ‘who’) was elected President (the ‘what’) of Branch 000 on 8 December 2006 (the ‘when’) at the Legion hall in SomeTown (the ‘where’) for the ensuing year (the ‘why’).

Photographs and Captions

When submitting your story or photos to the Command office please ensure you follow these simple tips:

  • Only use one side of a page.
  • Be sure you have the correct spelling of names and places.
  • If you are submitting information which is written by hand, please make sure it is legible – remember that not everyone sees your handwriting the way you do.
  • Always provide your full name and mailing address with telephone number where you can be reached by the Editor.
  • For photos, shoot as close to the subject as possible to allow your subject to be identified. Try to eliminate unnecessary background objects. If a person is the subject matter you don’t need to have the entire Legion hall in the shot.
  • Try to restrict the number of persons in a photo to four.
  • If you do take a group photo such as branch executives, ensure you stand close enough to be sure that faces are clear and identifiable.
  • Affix your hard copy photo with tape to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of plain paper and write your caption with names etc. beneath.
  • Do not write on the back of a hard copy photo, it sometimes causes a see-through image.
  • Polaroid pictures are not easily reproduced. If you are sending digital pictures please ensure that they are at least 4×6 with a resolution of 300 dpi. Photos any smaller are unuseable.
  • We encourage one or two person shots, head and shoulders if possible.

Deadlines and Submitting

Now that you have completed your story, caption or article, and the photos are ready, let’s submit them to the Editor.

  • On page three of every issue of the Torch there are instructions about how to submit your articles and photos.
  • All hard copy, including photos, are to be sent directly to NS/NU Command Office, 61 Gloria McCluskey Ave., Dartmouth, N.S. B3B 2Z3.
  • All submissions should be clearly marked for the attention of the Torch Editor.
  • All electronic copy and photos should be emailed to
  • Do not send copy or photos to The Casket, our publisher. The Casket’s offices receive only advertising material.
  • Also on page three are publication dates and deadline dates for your submissions. These deadline dates are very important and allow the Editor time to ensure all material is ready for publication. Your cooperation is appreciated



We are anxious to answer any of your questions and offer any further suggestions as they may arise.

The Torch Editor is Glen Parker, who can be reached through the address.

Have fun and we look forward to your submissions!!